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Innov8 Technologies

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Working to bring the best that technology has to offer, directly to you. While providing the assistance in overcoming the technology behemoth.

About us

On January 17 2010 Innov8 sets out to bring technology to everyday people. Not the ones that understood them but the ones that needed it. We saw that technology could help many of us, in our homes, in our businesses, in our everyday lives. Understanding how technology can work for you. Under the guise of Innov8 PC we set forth and worked with many small businesses to implement equipment that would make their day to day easier, more productive, unbeknownst to us more profitable.

Innov8 also understood that technology could not help only the businesses, but it could also help those in the workforce . This lead us on the journey to create a company that not only serves the owners and the customers, but first and foremost, the employees. Training them not only for their day to day duties, but for a life long journey in the technology industry.

At Innov8 we believe that our biggest assets are our employees, we believe that focusing on their day to day development and their overall wellbeing we will have not only capable employees but we will have employees dedicated to doing the best work for the job at hand. In turn giving their best foot forward to the customer.

Innov8 Technologies. 


What sets us apart?

Every step of the way

Every step of the way, from the moment you tell us what you need to  the time you have exactly what you wanted. Innov8 Technologies will keep you informed on what we will do and what we are doing making sure you feal comfortable every step of the way. 


Innov8 Technologies is constantly searching and figuring out the best way or technique to bring the best and latest innovation to the table. Be it a WISP network in a remote location to bring internet to places where ISP wont reach. To  building the biggest entertainment network in the middle of the desert in order to entertain the masses. Innov8 will find the best solution that accommodates your needs your time frame and your budget.


With over 26 years experience in the industry, our team sets the difference amongst others.  Meeting our challenges head on. Always looking for the best, fastest and most profitable way to serve our customers. Our team is dedicated to seeing the job at hand from A to Z. Any issues we encounter or create we take care of in house, no need to get another crew to repair and or complete the job.


Innov8 Technologies works with multiple carriers in the California area.

New Builds


Upgrade projects

Site adds



Site development


COW deployment and setup


We will assist and or work alongside your technical personnel / crew, either remotely or on-site, engaging with your designated RF Carrier, along with your project manager/job foreman to complete the task needed in order to assist and close-out your open tickets and turn over the site. One step closer to getting your COP.

Training is available for your crew in all matters of wireless education. Innov8 Technologies will assists and develop troubleshooting methods that will make all “close out” issues go away. We also offer Fiber optics training, certified by the “The Fiber Optic Association (FOA)”, and ETA Intl, giving your crew the capabilities to troubleshoot fiber issues on-site, achieving an efficient and expeditious result.

Let Innov8 Technologies provide fiber solutions that will align your business with today’s changing technology. We offer solutions that allow for maximum efficiency of your network.

Let's work together

We’re excited to get to know you, and find out how we can help! Don’t hesitate to reach out throught our contact page.