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Experts on Fiber Optics, Mobile Wireless Technology network design, implementation and trouble shooting. It’s what we do BEST.

Our projects

We work with multiple wireless Carriers (ATT, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint & Metro PCS

  • Our involvement is directly with general contractors, providing technical assistance with any troubleshooting issues they may face, allowing for your crew to continue work on to another site and commence a new project.
    By relying on innov8thech, the general contractor does not have to employ highly qualified individuals full time when faced with troubleshooting assistance to resolve these trouble tickets to get a positive close out.
  • Fiber optics training for general contractor, installers and technicians to keep them up to date on the latest methods of deployment and repair.
  • Troubleshooting of Cell Sites in their various forms, “Micro to DAS.” This is accomplished fast and with reliable results. We verify all aspects of the cell site while working with the network engineers to bring the Site to its maximum operating parameter per carrier specification.

Multiple schools

  • Coaching and teaching technicians in the day to day operations of Fiber Optics planning, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting phases. This on-demand training kept their company with the latest updated services.
  • Developed a Fiber-to-Antenna curriculum, trains technicians with current and future of evolving wireless communication.
  • Field Cell Site Technician Curriculum that enable the technician trouble-shooting of Wireless Cell site equipment from Data transport to Mobile uplink.

“Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival” & “Stagecoach”

Maintain the fiber optic network for the main stage while enhancing the existing network to accommodate for new and latest technology in the industry. Yearly Innov8 Technologies works diligently to bring to the performers the best fiber network supporting the best shows in the California High Desert.

Inland Empire “Desert Trip” Concert

The biggest outdoor pop-up stage. Deployed the underground fiber network quickly and with 100% up time. This network supports sound, light, video, and security systems for the main stage at the event. The Fiber network carries massive amounts of traffic in real time, without any interruptions to any of the ancillary services, applications, security and connectivity to the performers.